STREAM empowers local diocesan schools to target an increase in 21st century education resources by creating partnerships with local businesses.  Authentic educational opportunities and platforms for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning all STREAM disciplines will be sought within our community businesses, academic institutions, and cultural centers.  These larger school-community relationships are integral to STREAM sucess and a measure of achieving a truly common goal:  a bright future for the Catholic school student of Buffalo.  

STREAM is the diocesan investment to support the future of Catholic education in WNY. The diocese has designed and will continue to help fund and implement the STREAM Education Initiative for these schools that apply and are accepted.  Currently, 21 schools participate in the STREAM Education Initiative. 

What does STREAM look like in the Classroom?

  • Lessons, units, and community education programs are based on the eight STREAM principles which promote a higher level of critical thinking and a deeperunderstanding of content materials
  • STREAM activities are hands-on: projects based, include engineering design, and have relevant application in the real world
  • It inspires teachers to include and develop 21st century instructional strategies at every level
  • STREAM takes learning outside the traditional classroom experience through customized field trips and dynamic, interactive outreach programming in collaboration with our professional community partners

Notre Dame Academy Provides Students with the following STREAM Academy Courses each Fall and Spring:  Primary Engineering Adventure Program, LEGO U, Kitchen Chemistry, Arcade Academy