Clubs & Groups

ART CLUB - Interested students from grades 6-8 (maximum 25 students, on a first come basis) will be accepted. The Club meets in the Art Room Wednesday's 2:30-3:15.  

CHOIR - Students in grades 1-8 are invited to lift your voice and sing with the NDA Choir! Students will prepare music to sign at the Wednesday morning school masses and a variety of community events throughout the school year.  Contract Laura Lawless with any questions at  The Club meets in the South Buffalo School of Music Classroom Tuesday's from 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

THE MORNING CLUB - Students wishing to do homework, study or read books are welcome to join the morning club that meets promptly at 7:15 am daily.  At 7:35 am students will be taken to their homeroom or the breakfast program.  Please complete the registration form and return to the office.  

STREAM -The Diocese of Buffalo STREAM Academy courses provide creative, hands-on opportunities for students:Focus on inquiry, creativity, complex thinking and FUN!  Emphasize STREAM education learning are and nurtures the innate curiosity of every child.Provides a runway for our next generation of believers, innovators, scientists and leaders.

  • Arcade Academy: 5th-8th grade (16 spaces available) - Based on "Caine's Arcade, " This course invites students to design and build fun and engaging arcade games made from cardboard, recycled materials and imagination.  The games are then shared with school community - to help raise awareness and funds for a charity of their choice.
  • Kitchen Chem:  4th-8th grade (14 spaces available) - Biology, and simple life science exploration will emphasized throughout this course.  Join all the learning and fun of hands-on kitchen science, as students engage and explore the creative aspect of food preparation!
  • Lego-U: 1st and 2nd grade (12 spaces available) - Bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students.  LEGO® bricks turn numbers, words, and ideas into real models that can be touched, described, and innovated across all subject areas!  Each week, the students will undertake a design challenge connected to topics taught at the primary level in ELA, Science, Social Studies, Religion, or Math utilizing LEGO® bricks.  They will also have opportunities to present and share, stenghtening their presentation skills!
  • PEAP: 1st-3rd grade (20 spaces available) - Students help Curious George catch and keep a new friend, as they discover the enchantment of engineering!  Young participants will generate idieas, build, and test soolutions collaboratively to help their favorite characters solve a problem.