Financial Aid

Bison Fund

Parents can visit the BISON website at and complete an electronic Scholarship Pre-Application for the 2016-2017 school year.  Due to the fact that they are in the process of converting to a new scholarship database, the Scholarship Pre-Application will only be available electronically for the upcoming school year.  Please note the scholarship amounts vary depending on the family's income, household size and the school's tuition cost. The highest scholarship amounts for 2016-17 will be $1,800.  Families will be expected to contribute partial tuition towards their child's education.  The Pre-Application is only for families new to BISON.  Current families will receive re-qualification paperwork in February 2016.

Our first deadline is February 29, 2016.  All pre-applications will be entered into a lottery drawing in early MARCH.  If families are drawn in the lottery, they will receive notification with instructions on how to proceed with the application. We will also notify families that are not selected and place them on our waiting list.  

If you have questions, or need further information - please contact the BISON Fund office at 716-854-0869.

Families in all eight counties of Western New York are eligible to apply.  

NDA requests that any family unable to pay in full complete a FACTS form. FACTS is a Tuition Management & Payment Processing Company. They offer several payment plans and Mobile and Email alerts to help families stay informed.

Tuition Management