Number of Students in K-8 Parishioner Tuition Rate Non-Parishioner Tuition Rate Actual Cost to Educate Students
1 Child $3,250 $5,050 $4,230
2 Children $4,735 $10,100 $8,460
3 Children $6,540 $15,150 $12,690
4 Children $6,800 $20,200 $16, 920
5 Children $7,310 $25,250 $21,150


* The Parishioner Tuition Rate applies to a parishioner at any Catholic Church and must be written on the registration form in order to receive the rate.

Tuition may be paid in either 10 month (September-June) or 12 month (July-June) installments. Tuition is paid using FACTS Tuition .  New famililies can enrol online at

Famililies who choose to pay their tuition plus fees in full by June 21st will receive $150.00 off their family tuition.  Tuition must be paid by CASH or CHECK.

Fee Schedule

Registration, Student Activity and Lottery Ticket fees are required for all students attending Notre Dame Academy and are paid yearly.

Registration Per Family Due at time of Registration - Registration is not considered complete without this payment $200 if before 4/12; $275 after 4/12
Student Activity Per Child Due at time of Registration $30 each
Lottery Tickets Per Family Each family will receive seven school lottery tickets to sell per month (October-July). Please return your ticket stubs to the school office by the 1st of each month.  $350 in addition to tuition - must be paid with tuition/added to FACTS
Instrument Rental Fee Grades 5/6 The 5th and 6th grade curriculum require a choice of chorus or band.  Band/Lesson participation requires the need to rent an instrument. $100 by 9/1
Sports Per Child Due seasonally if your child participates in organized NDA team sports. $80 each


Family Volunteer Hours

As part of your support of the school, a minimum of (10) hours of active participation in school and fundraising events and/or other designed activities is expected of each family.  This involvement in school activites and fundraising is not only necessary for the sucess and overall functioning of the school community but is an excellent way to get to know other school families.